The 52 Collage Journal is a narrative visual documentary of 2017. One piece was created each week for all 52 weeks of the year. The purpose of the self-induced challenge was to become more confident and quick in the creative decision making process but what resulted was a personal account of a year filled with political turmoil, social movements and internal struggles and joys.

Each week was explored through various media including but not limited to quilting, collage, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Found and reclaimed items such as nature, vintage text and linens were also used in many of the pieces.

A conscious observer of human behavior and social disparities, my work is a study in the personal identification that I find within these observances. The media, political climate, emotional experiences, and events are always present in my work. Not only does the inner expression play out on the work but the process itself takes on a therapeutic meditation of healing.