• Untitled, by Whitney Bingham

As an artist and licensed art therapist, I am a conscious observer of human behavior and social disparities, and my work is a study in the personal identifications that are found within these observances. The media, political climate, emotional experiences, and events are always present in my work. Not only does the inner expression play out in the art, but the process itself takes on a therapeutic meditation of healing. From the beginning of my art making journey, I have always combined mixed media with textile work. I am drawn to found objects, layers, and texture. Although the art is typically two dimensional, I never really feel as though it is complete without adding additional layers to give the piece texture. I do this through collage, layers of lace, and stitching. Frequent materials that are used are recycled and natural elements; new and vintage lace as well as my own hand made water soluble stitched “lace”; and text in the form of embroidery or collage ephemera often from my own journal passages. 

My work is personal and narrative but applies to universal themes such as mental health issues, feminine roles, political matters, and life experiences. The process is slow, rhythmic, and mindful. The stitching slows me down and allows for reflection on the idea I am trying to get across.